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As the gossip about their secret kiss continues to spread among the Kpop idols, Han and Minho find themselves facing the difficult decision of whether to confront their feelings for each other or continue hiding in the shadows.

When Stray kids have a tour in US, The other members talk about the gossip. Han and Minho blame Chan, saying that Chan kissed someone that time. Han and Minho then escape to Han’s hotel room and fall asleep, hoping he will not reveal their secret

Han was nervous when hearing the news. He couldn't believe it had gotten so far. It didn't help that Chan seemed to be enjoying the attention. Han knew deep down that if anyone found out his secret, everything would change between them. He couldn't bear the thought of being rejected again.
Minho tried to reassure him, but Han felt like things were spiraling out of control. Eventually, both men ended up back at their hotel rooms, trying to avoid the others while still pretending nothing was wrong. But they couldn't escape themselves forever. As they lay in bed together, the weight of all their secrets began to feel heavier than ever before.

The next morning, as the sun peeked through the curtains, Han was more embarrassed as he realized he had a dream about Minho.

The next morning, as the sun peeked through the curtains, Han's heart raced as he tried to push away the embarrassing dream about Minho, desperately hoping it would remain their secret.

As soon as Han opened his eyes, he felt a sense of relief mixed with shame. His subconscious had betrayed him, revealing his true emotions despite his best efforts to hide them. But he also felt something else—a strange warmth coursing through his body that made him realize how much he missed Minho's touch. In that moment, he knew he could no longer deny his feelings forever.
Slowly, hesitantly, he reached over towards Minho, who stirred slightly in his sleep. Their fingers intertwined, and for just a split second, everything felt right in the world.

As Han and Minho's fingers intertwined, a sudden knock on the door startled Han, he pulled away from Minho who was still asleep.

It was Changbin who wanted to wake Han up, because they have some interview soon, and to his surprise he sees Minho sleeping in Han’s bed.

As Han tries to explain Minho's presence in his bed, Changbin notices the lingering tension in the air, causing him to suspect that there may be more to their relationship than meets the eye.

“Oh? Minho is here? I couldn’t find him today…” Changbin grinned.
“Well.. he was drunk and fell asleep”

Han stammers, desperately trying to come up with an explanation, but Changbin knowing smile tells him that his secret might not be as safe as he thought.

Han feels nervous and uncomfortable under Changbin's scrutiny, wondering if their secret would be revealed. He tried to think quickly of how to prevent any further suspicion or speculation.

“Come on, Changbin, shut up. Don’t look at me like that”
“I don’t know what you mean” he grinned.
“Just go away. We’ll be ready soon.”
Minho still was asleep. Han began to remembering about his embarrassing dream he had, thinking about how he can wake Minho up

Changbin continued to tease Han while Minho remained fast asleep. Han became increasingly frustrated with Changbin’s antics and wanted nothing more than for her to leave them alone so they could finish getting ready without anymore interruptions. Changbin leaves the room. Han began to remember about his weird dream about Minho, embarrassed.

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Without realizing it, Han let out a soft moan which startled him awake. It took him a moment to register where he was before looking over at Minho who was still sound asleep beside him. Confused and slightly embarrassed, Han quietly got up from bed trying not to disturb Minho as he made his way towards the bathroom to take a quick shower. As he showered, memories flooded back into his head from last night when he had that strange dream about Minho and felt himself becoming even more confused than he did earlier.

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As Han stepped out of the shower, he was startled to find Minho waiting outside the bathroom, a knowing smile playing on his lips.

“Is everything okay?” Minho asked

Han's heart raced as he tried to find the right words, but before he could respond, Minho gently reached out and took his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

“Yeah… i have a little hangover”
“Uhm, me too. My head hurts.”
“Are you still worried that Bang Chan told the rest about… you know.”

Han took a deep breath, gathering his courage, and finally admitted, "No, Changbin was there today and he didn’t say anything about it. I guess Chan didn’t told anyone”
“That’s good. Because we don’t want anyone to know, right? And we want to forget about it once and for all, right?”

Minho nodded, relieved at hearing Han had not been worrying over nothing. He knew how much Han hated the idea of people finding out about their secret, especially when it meant potentially ruining both of their careers.

"Right," said Han with a small smile.

“So, did you sleep well?”

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Both boys looked up at the sound of footsteps approaching their door, pounding so hard it seemed like whoever was outside was trying to break down the wood panels separating them from whatever danger or intruder lurked beyond.
Minho jumped up first, grabbing hold of his shorts while Han pulled his shirt back into place, quickly realizing they weren't fully dressed yet after having fallen asleep together earlier. In fact, they had barely even gotten undressed before passing out.
They stumbled towards the door cautiously, both wondering if it could be the other members looking for them or worse, fans wanting autographs or selfies at such early hour. But when Minho opened the door, he found himself face-to-face with none other than Bang Chan himself.
Chan raised an eyebrow curiously, taking note of the disheveled state of the pair but quickly masked any signs of surprise behind a friendly grin.
"Oh my god... you guys look terrible."

“Oh, shut up” said Minho.
“We just woke up. And we have a hangover.” Said Han
“Well I said you not to drink too much.” Said Chan

Minho rolled his eyes.

“We have to go to the interview soon, so get ready.”

“Chan?” Said Han. “you didn’t tell anyone about… that. Right?”

Chan hesitated for a moment, his eyes flickering with uncertainty, before finally nodding and saying, "I haven't said anything, and I won't. Your secret is safe with me."

Relief washed over Han as he let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. The fear of their secret being exposed had been a constant weight on his shoulders, and knowing that Chan was trustworthy brought a sense of comfort.

"Thank you, Chan," Han said sincerely, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "We appreciate it."

Chan nodded, his expression softening. "Of course, guys. You know I've got your back. Now, let's get ready for the interview. We've got a lot to talk about."

As they hurriedly got dressed and prepared for the day ahead, Han couldn't help but feel a mixture of gratitude and apprehension. The night's events had brought their secret back to the forefront of his mind, stirring up emotions he had tried so hard to bury. But for now, he pushed those thoughts aside, focusing on the task at hand and the bond of trust they shared with Chan.

Little did Han know, the road ahead would be filled with more challenges, secrets, and unexpected twists that would test not only their relationship but also their individual identities. And as they stepped out of the hotel room, ready to face the world, Han couldn't help but wonder what the future held for him and Minho, and if they would ever find the courage to confront their true feelings.

This is a summary of the story elements:

Title: Secret
Protagonist: Minho, Han
Location: US, Seoul
Confidant: Chan, Felix, Hyunjin, Changbin, Jeongin, Seungmin
Story So Far: Han And Minho are two idols from the group Stray Kids. They once kissed in a secret, and were caught by Chan. They decided to forget about this and never admit they have feelings for each other. However they kissed in a public bathroom and there is a gossip among other kpop idols about that.
Outline: When Stray kids have a tour in US, The other members partying in Hyunjin’s room and talk about the gossip. Han and Minho blame Chan, saying that Chan kissed someone that time. Han and Minho then escape to Han’s hotel room and fall asleep, hoping their secret is safe. Han has embarrassing dreams about Minho
Language: English
Genre: LGBTQ+
Writing Style: Stream Of Consciousness
Narrative Style: Third-person Limited - The story is told from the perspective of a single character
Author Style: Elizabeth Gaskell: Realism, Social Critique, and Victorian Life