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Thank You
Fiction Fusion was born from my fascination with GPT after trying out GPT3.0 DaVinci for the first time. The results were astounding, and I knew I had to create a platform to make it easier for me to use GPT for writing stories. Now, in its third iteration, Fiction Fusion is ready for the world to experience.

There are still numerous features I want to add to Fiction Fusion, but I felt it was important to release it first. One major addition in the pipeline is the use of embeddings for unlimited memory, which will greatly enhance the platform's capabilities.

Another significant feature I plan to develop is a novel outline planner. With GPT's assistance, I aim to create a tool that allows users to generate a novel outline and develop the entire story using prompts. Fiction Fusion will then be able to write the story chapter by chapter, making the process seamless and enjoyable.

I'm truly grateful for your decision to join the FICTION•FUSION family and embark on this exciting journey.

-Mike Meri Limeyard
Happy Writing!