Change Log

Thank You

Fri 11/10/2023
Make the image generator default to 1024x1024 for both SFW and NSFW stories.
When making changes to the story setup don't insert it into the chat history.
Create this change log file.
In stories page show stories with at least 250 words instead of 500, increase stories per page from 12 to 24.
When creating a new story have the AI suggest and reply twice automatically to start the story.
Allow user to send blank messages and have the AI continue the story by itself.

Sat 11/11/2023
Move Temperature and Model settings to AI setup dialog that appears when the user is taken to the story writing page.
Add AI setup button to the top of the story writing page.
Add AI Story Ping-Pong concept for the AI to write the story by itself. Allow user set how many times the AI should write the story by itself.

Fri 11/17/2023
Add cronjob for updating static content to speed up page loads
In create story only use SDXL Unrestricted for image generation and rely on text identification for NSFW
In create story make page easier to use
Use word instead of character count for truncating story text when it's too long for the AI
Bug fix in AI Story Ping-Pong
Better NSFW detection
Speed up story reading pages

Sat 11/18/2023
Allow StoryWriter to suggest story path
Group stories by genre

Wed 11/22/2023
Split stories page into adult and non-adult stories
Bug fix with StoryWriter not following prompts well
Bug fix authors stories page not showing all stories
Split story setup (compose) into adult and non-adult
Add adult category to story setup

Fri 11/24/2023
Add split for adult and non-adult to all pages that show/edit stories
Limit adult stories to use StoryWriter as GPT 3.5 is not good at writing adult stories
Bugfix in showing latest stories
Only allow logged in users to see adult stories
Bugfix with erotic genre not showing stories

Fri 12/15/2023
Make private stories paid only
Add Mistral model to both family friendly and adult story writing engines
Add code to prevent signup with disposable email addresses
Bugfix with deleted accounts breaking the site
Add New Assistant to the site

Fri 01/05/2024
Bug Fixes

Fri 02/05/2024
Bug Fixes

Fri 05/10/2024
Bug Fixes