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2023-10-21 10:53:46

Fat fat fattykins

Bethany huffed and puffed as she waddled down the school hallway after lunch. She was sad that she had to stop eating before she was full, but lunch was only a half hour long. If it were up to her, she'd have spent another hour or two finishing her meal instead of going back to class so soon. Her classroom wasn't very far from the cafeteria, but her body was heavy; even heavier now with so much food in her stomach. She wished she didn't have to bother with school.

As Bethany neared her classroom, she spotted some of her friends playing outside during recess. They looked like they were having fun, laughing and running around together. But she couldn't join them - not without embarrassing herself. The thought made her feel even worse than being hungry. As she opened the door to the classroom, she heard her teacher greet the other students cheerfully. It made her feel even more alone.


Bethany trudged down the school hallway, her steps heavy with the weight of disappointment. She longed for the freedom to eat to her heart's content, but the constraints of time always seemed to get in her way. Lunch was a mere half hour, barely enough time to satisfy her insatiable hunger. If she had her way, she would spend hours indulging in her favorite treats, without the interruption of school.

Bethany decides to drop out of school altogether and focus on her true passion - eating. With no one to hold her back anymore, she gorges on junk food all day long until she becomes too big to move.

Without the pressures of schoolwork and social expectations, Bethany felt liberated to let her true self shine through. She embraced her love of food completely, devouring every delicious morsel that crossed her path. At first, it was heavenly. But over time, her appetite grew voracious, consuming everything in sight. Before she knew it, she had become too large to leave her bed.

Option One:
Bethany's parents try desperately to help their daughter lose weight, enrolling her in various fitness programs and diets. However, nothing seems to work as her body grows larger and larger. Eventually, they must face reality and accept their daughter for who she is - a beautiful, compassionate person who just happens to have a unique relationship with food.

As word spread about Bethany's gluttonous ways, she became something of a celebrity in town. People lined up outside her house to witness her unbelievably massive size and offer her bizarre items like giant candy bars and gallon-sized soda bottles.

At first, Bethany enjoyed the attention from her adoring fans. It made her feel special and loved. But soon enough, the constant scrutiny began to wear thin. She craved privacy and normalcy but found herself trapped by her own body. Despite her desire to be seen as more than just a mere "fattykins," people couldn't seem to see past her weight.


As news of Bethany's extraordinary size spread throughout the town, a curious fascination grew among the residents. People began to line up outside her house, eager to catch a glimpse of the girl who had become a living spectacle. They brought with them an array of peculiar offerings - oversized candy bars, jumbo-sized soda bottles, and even larger-than-life treats.

Initially, Bethany basked in the attention, relishing the feeling of being in the spotlight. She reveled in the adoration and the sense of celebrity that came with her colossal size. But as time went on, the constant presence of onlookers began to take its toll.

Bethany yearned for privacy and a return to normalcy. She longed to be seen for more than just her size, to have her personality and dreams recognized. But no matter how hard she tried, it seemed impossible to escape the label that had been thrust upon her.

The town's fascination with her weight became suffocating. Bethany felt trapped, confined within the walls of her own body. She craved genuine connections and understanding, but all she encountered were gawking eyes and whispers behind her back.

Despite the strange gifts and the attention, Bethany's heart ached for acceptance and friendship. She longed for someone who would see beyond her exterior and appreciate her for the person she truly was inside.


This is a summary of the story elements:

Title: Fat fat fattykins
Protagonist: Bethany, a morbidly obese fourth grade girl who lives to eat
Location: A modern American suburb
Confidant: Bethany's older sister Elisabeth
Outline: Bethany drops out of school to spend all day eating and getting fatter
Language: English
Genre: Young Adult