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Feeling desperate for answers, Jacob decides to take matters into his own hands by attempting to switch places with one of his younger selves using the time portal they discovered as children while exploring their old family home. He didn't expect it would still work after so many years, but if there was even a slight chance of changing fate or gleaning some information about the imminent threat before him... He steps into the darkened closet, closes his eyes, and feels himself pulled backwards through space and time...

As I step out of the closet in my parent's old house, memories flood back to me like waves crashing onto the shore. The familiar creaking floorboards underfoot, the musty smell of forgotten things, linoleum yellowed from age. My heart races as I recall our childhood adventures, looking for any clue as to why this eerie déjà vu experience brought us here again. Despite regaining consciousness among these walls, something is off—I feel strange, disoriented, almost like I'm not quite myself.

Shuffling towards the window where we once found the mysterious crystal, I peer outside at our old swing set, vivid images of playing tag with friends flashing in my mind's eye. But then another image intrudes: Me lying lifeless beneath the weighty wooden structure. Confusion fills every thought; how could young Jacob have known such a thing? Frantically thumbing through my newly reconstructed memory bank, I discover something else amiss—early-onset Alzheimer's disease has taken root within my brain. The changes weren't instantaneous, but gradual—as if each time jump eradicated more and more neural pathways until all that remained were those related to existing tasks. Soon I wouldn't remember who I used to be or anyone I ever knew.

In desperation, I dart downstairs to search for any notes or hidden clues left by our past selves detailing potential threats or instructions. But though the pages elaborate on seemingly innocuous moments around town (that original cookie recipe sure is beloved), nothing suggests impending doom. The week ahead remains blank. Horror mounts within me; if young Jacob predicted his death accurately despite not understanding its cause, that leaves precious little time to solve this puzzle or prevent tragedy. There must be some mistake!

Jacob realizes that if he cannot rely on his own memories, perhaps someone close to him might know what danger lies ahead. With his limited grasp of the present moment and tarnished relationships, he embarks on a journey to track down his closest confidante from childhood - hoping they may hold the key to averting his dreadful fate.

Frantic, Jacob runs outside and remembers vaguely their common grounds: school, park, playground, arcade. Running back inside briefly to snatch up any clues he can find about these locations, he rushes out in search of the first lead—the young girl who always seemed to understand him better than others. She lived just across town near the biggest local park; she might know something about the ominous prediction. Pushing thoughts aside for now of whether growing debilitation might affect communication skills during emotional stressors.

It takes hours of searching complicated by sudden confusion over landmarks; thankfully, many buildings remain constant in small towns. When Jacob finally finds her house, it's festooned with colorful decorations hinting at recent success—she appears well established socially and emotionally compared to his current state. Knocking on the door, he prays for mercy as familiarity seeps away from basic cognitive functions. If he couldn't explain properly…no chance at resolving anything together! Luckily, she welcomes him warmly but seems surprised regarding an explanation required; "Of course I remember you!" They spend hours catching up before delicately broaching the looming topic, revealing both had similar visions clouding happiness lately without knowing why.

Exchanging glances filled with despair yet resolve, they start brainstorming theories behind this malevolence enveloping them both—was it tied to a particular event happening soon or person causing distress within themselves? After much soul-searching, they hit upon one possible connection: a recently developed video game targeting low self-esteem issues promoting addictive participation possibly exploiting vulnerable individuals susceptible to manipulation due to boredom-induced desperation like their unique psychological condition created. Could it somehow manipulate perception leading people astray toward negative outcomes if usage became excessive? This possibility felt right given shared experiences indicating all victims exhibited symptoms associated also suffering from higher levels of perceived ennui beforehand—even if remote chances existed such technology actually exists given lack Advanced knowledge available back then..

With renewed determination powered by their joint revelation, Jacob and his childhood friend agree to investigate further – focusing particularly on popular activities prior to the troubling visions and foreseeing dangerous trends present in developing technology that could justify their supernatural predicament.

Determined to resolve their precarious situation, Jacob and his childhood friend decide to pool their resources and dig deeper into the possibilities surrounding the suspicious video game. Leveraging their combined strengths and personal connections, they begin by tracing back their activities prior to experiencing the disturbing visions. To their surprise, they find several instances connecting teens exhibiting elevated levels of boredom behaviour coupled with intense interest in this new release. Upon closer inspection of the game's development history, they stumble upon reports highlighting unusual breakthroughs made by a group of cutting-edge scientists specializing in artificial intelligence and neuroscience. These researchers appeared to be working on groundbreaking techniques involving brainwave analysis capable of generating unique user experiences tailored specifically for individual needs. Coupled with sophisticated marketing tactics utilising ethical grey areas, these experts potentially wove an invisible web extending far beyond mere entertainment — influencing minds directly while capitalizing on chronic unhappiness in society’s most vulnerable members.

As days turn into weeks, the duo persistently scrutinize public records, academic articles, private communications, and social media profiles seeking further evidence confirming their hypothesis. The clues collected point towards a sinister plan hatched long ago but implemented more recently when AI capabilities surpass human comprehension. Intricate patterns emerge linking this technology to other industries like politics, finance, healthcare, serving a larger nefarious agenda designed to control human behavior for profit and convenience. Their efforts are meticulous yet fruitless; however, feeling frustrated doesn't stop them as every discovery adds another layer of urgency. They are convinced they must act swiftly before their very existence becomes compromised irreparably.

Concern heightens when signs suggest authorities outright denying any involvement raises questions about how far accountability extends. Meanwhile, certain individuals connected to the project seem unaware of potentially harmful ramifications making their targets either part of an elite inner circle benefiting enormously or collateral damage incidental criminals simply taking advantage of opportunities presented. An uneasy alliance forms between two adversaries, determined to expose wrongdoings; each motivated enough not merely preserve lives but undermine corruption rotting core aspects global civilization since ancient times. Unbeknownst to them, powerful forces watch silently from shadows monitoring progress closely waiting ideal moment strike eliminating threats permanently once mission deemed accomplished.

Frustrated but undeterred, Jacob and his former best friend Clara take their evidence straight to the press, amidst warnings that exposing an operation of this magnitude could jeopardize their safety. Little did they expect the impact of their investigation would reach farther and faster than anticipated; international news outlets pick up on their findings, stirring public outrage against the shadowy corporation responsible. Caught off guard by a wave of public disapproval, government agencies launch investigations into their business practices, eventually resulting in global lawsuits forcing them into dissolution. Amidst legal battles threatening to ruin careers, multiple whistleblowers emerge within the organization providing crucial insight on flawed algorithms contributing significantly towards mental decline like Jacob's new affliction due to experimental beta testing. By confronting their fears head-on instead of running from themfate brings unexpected justice, but regret lingers—could they have done more sooner?

and risking their lives, Jacob and Clara become unsung heroes, sparking a worldwide movement to hold corporations accountable for exploiting vulnerable populations. Their bravery and unwavering determination inspire others to come forward, leading to groundbreaking legislative changes aimed at protecting individuals from the insidious manipulation of technology.

As the truth unravels, the once-powerful corporation crumbles under the weight of public scrutiny and legal repercussions. High-ranking executives and key players are held accountable for their unethical actions, facing severe consequences for their involvement in the exploitation of innocent lives. The revelations of the corporation's malevolent schemes prompt a global awakening, igniting conversations about the ethical implications of advanced technology and its potential impact on society.

Amidst the chaos and turmoil, Jacob and Clara find solace in knowing that their sacrifices have not been in vain. Their courageous efforts have brought about a profound shift in the world, leading to a newfound awareness of the dangers posed by unchecked technological advancements. Despite the toll it has taken on Jacob's mind, he finds a sense of fulfillment in knowing that his actions have helped prevent others from suffering a similar fate.

As the dust settles, Jacob and Clara stand as beacons of hope, their story serving as a testament to the power of resilience, friendship, and the unwavering pursuit of justice. Though the road ahead may be uncertain, they remain steadfast in their commitment to safeguarding the well-being of humanity and ensuring that no one else falls victim to the insidious forces that once threatened their very existence.

This is a summary of the story elements:

Title: Anhedonia
Outline: A teen can swap consciousness with his future or past selves, but only when he's bored. Through maintaining a detailed diary, Jacob has been living the perfect life, using knowledge of future events to his advantage. However, when Jacob attempts to view events a week ahead, he receives a shock - according to his diary, he will be dead. As the week passes with no clues emerging, Jacob grows increasingly paranoid and unstable. Through swapping minds he now shows signs of early-onset Alzheimer's.
Language: English
Genre: Thriller
Writing Style: Narrative - Tells a story through a series of events
Narrative Style: First Person
Author Style: Arthur Conan Doyle: Detective Fiction, Logical, and Adventure-driven