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Are you sure?

As Mari's consciousness fades, he is suddenly filled with regret and a desperate longing to live. In his final moments, he grasps for a chance to redeem himself, to make amends with his former friends, and to find a way to escape his fate as a watcher.

Mari's mind races with memories of Leah, Iwo, and Angel, and the pain of betraying them. He recalls the laughter they shared, the dreams they had, and the bond they once shared. He yearns for another chance, a chance to undo the irreversible harm he has caused. The weight of his actions crushes him, and he longs to turn back time and choose a different path.

As his vision blurs and darkness envelops him, Mari's thoughts drift to the moments of joy and camaraderie he once shared with his friends. He wishes he could tell them how sorry he is, how he wishes he could take it all back. But in the end, all he can do is surrender to the void, consumed by the regret and the knowledge that he can never make things right.

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In a vast wasteland arena designed to keep the players inside and the watchers entertained, Mari, a short blond boy with a pink stripe in his bangs, stood with a sense of unease. He had two small, white bird-like wings for ears and a larger pair of white bird wings on his back. His red eyes scanned the desolate landscape as he adjusted his white collared shirt and brown jacket, the nonbinary flag sewn onto the arm of the jacket fluttering in the wind. Small hearts, alternating between green, yellow, and red, adorned the hem of his jacket.

Mari was a shy yet smart boy who strove to make friends, but he never seemed to have any in the end. His longing for companionship was palpable, and he often found solace in the company of Cubi, a mischievous boy with brown hair and a red stripe in his bangs. Cubi wore red heart-shaped sunglasses and a grey shirt, with a row of dynamite strapped across his chest. He had sheep horns and a tail, and although he was destructive and funny, he had an edge that allowed him to cause just enough chaos.

The wasteland arena was a brutal and unforgiving place, where alliances were fleeting and betrayal was commonplace. Mari had once been part of a team with Leah, Iwo, Angel, and Autumn, but he betrayed them, ultimately causing Autumn's demise. Now, Mari found himself aligned with the troublemakers, Crow and Cubi, bound by a sense of duty and a tangle of complicated emotions.


After the fateful battle that led to Autumn's demise, Mari's heart weighed heavy with guilt. He couldn't shake the memory of Autumn's trusting gaze, the laughter they shared, and the bond they once had. The regret gnawed at Mari's soul, and he found himself haunted by the consequences of his actions.

As Mari and Cubi faced new battles, Mari's health dwindled, and the weight of his remorse became unbearable. He couldn't bear the thought of causing more harm or being the reason for another loss. "Cubi, if it comes down to it, I want you to end it for me," Mari's voice trembled as he made the request, his red eyes reflecting a mix of resignation and desperation.

Cubi hesitated, his expression mirroring Mari's inner turmoil. "Are you sure?" he asked, his voice tinged with concern. Mari's response was firm, but a flicker of doubt crossed his features. The second Cubi's smooth axe collided with Mari's body, time seemed to stand still. In that moment, Mari felt no pain, no fear, only the void embracing him as his consciousness slipped away.

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As Mari's consciousness faded, he felt himself being pulled into a strange and disorienting space. It was a realm of shadows and whispers, where time seemed to have no meaning. He was neither here nor there, suspended in a liminal state, his thoughts fragmented and disjointed. It was as if he were adrift in an endless sea of nothingness, unable to grasp onto anything tangible.

In this surreal void, Mari felt a profound sense of loss and disconnection. He longed for the warmth of human connection, the touch of a friend's hand, the sound of laughter, but all he found was an eerie silence. It was a desolate existence, devoid of color, sound, or sensation. He was no longer a player in the wasteland arena, but a mere observer, a watcher bound to this strange and isolated plane.

As Mari struggled to make sense of his new reality, he realized that he was now forced to a life of watching, condemned to witness the battles and betrayals of others without the ability to intervene. The weight of his past actions and the consequences of his choices weighed heavily on him as he grappled with the realization that he could never make amends for the harm he had caused. In this desolate realm, Mari was left to confront the consequences of his actions and the profound sense of regret that now defined his existence.


Mari's existence as a watcher was a haunting and lonely experience. He felt like a ghost, condemned to wander in the shadows of the wasteland arena, unable to interact with the living. The battles raged on, and Mari could do nothing but watch as the players fought, formed alliances, and succumbed to the brutal nature of the arena.

The void seemed to echo with the memories of his past, the laughter of his friends, and the pain of his betrayal. Mari longed to reach out, to offer some form of comfort or apology, but he was bound by an invisible barrier that kept him isolated from the world he once knew.

As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, Mari's thoughts were consumed by the memories of his friends and the irreversible choices he had made. He yearned for a chance to make things right, to find redemption for the pain he had caused. But in the desolate realm of the void, his desires remained unfulfilled, and the weight of his regret grew heavier with each passing moment.

In this isolated existence, Mari grappled with the harsh truth that he was now condemned to a life of silent observation, forever haunted by the consequences of his actions.

This is a summary of the story elements:

Title: Are you sure?
Protagonist: Mari uses he/him pronouns he is a short blond boy with a pink stripe in his bangs, he has two small white bird like wings for ears and a bigger pair of white bird wings on his back, he has red eyes and wears a white collared shirt with a brown jacket ontop a little nonbinary flag sewn onto the arm of the jacket and small hearts alternating between green yellow and red on the hem of the jacket, hes a shy yet smart boy who strives to make friends but never ends up having any in the end he dies by his new team
Location: In a vast wasteland arena designed to keep the players inside and the watchers entertained
Confidant: Cubi a boy with brown hair and a red stripe in his bangs, he has red heartshaped sunglasses and wears a grey shirt a row of dynamite stuck on a belt like strap across his chest he has sheep horns and a tail and is friends with mari, hes destructive and funny but has his edge knowing when and where he needs to be to cause enough damage
Story So Far: mari betrayed their friends Leah, Iwo, Angel and autumn killing autumn and joining the troublemakers... crow and cubi let them in and theyre bound for a bit before the story goes further and mari ends up hurt
Conflict: Mari is low on health and orders cubi as he was instructed earlier to kill him cubi asks if hes sure and mari responds with a firm yes... but mari hesitates and ultimately the second they die they changed their mind but it was too late
Outline: the story progresses from the second they killed their old teammate Autumn they ask cubi "if it comes down to it i want you to kill me" and cubi replies that they will and through a few battles mari comes back harmed low on health and asks cubi to end it for them and cubi asks if theyre sure and mari replies they are but is slightly hesitant the second cubis smooth axe colides with their body mari feels no pain no fear only the void embracing their new watcher mari is now forced to a life of watching
Language: English
Genre: Literary Fiction
Writing Style: Descriptive - Rich, detailed, and imaginative language
Narrative Style: Third-person Limited - The story is told from the perspective of a single character
Author Style: Anton Chekhov: Realism, Minimalist, and Character-driven