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2023-08-05 20:33:37

Year of the Pathfinder: An Andromeda Retelling in the Mass Effect Universe

We made it.
That was Scott’s first thought as he started up out of cryosleep and into the arms of the waiting techs. He attempted to stand up, but they were ready to catch him as his knees tried to buckle, and they eased him back onto the table.

As the disorientation from cryosleep began to fade, Scott took in his surroundings. The cryo bay was a hive of activity, with other crew members slowly waking up and being attended to by the medical staff. The air was filled with a mix of excitement, relief, and a hint of anxiety. They had arrived in Andromeda, a new galaxy, after a 600-year journey from the Milky Way. It was a monumental achievement for the Andromeda Initiative, and Scott couldn't help but feel a surge of pride and awe at being a part of it.

But amidst the jubilation, there was also a sense of loss. Scott's father, Alec, the original Pathfinder, had not survived the journey. It was a heavy burden to bear, knowing that the mantle of Pathfinder had been passed on to him. He had never expected to become the savior of humanity, and the weight of that responsibility settled on his shoulders like a leaden cloak. But he had no choice but to carry on his father's legacy and protect the colony from the impending threat of the Kett.

As Scott was helped off the table and guided towards the exit of the cryo bay, he caught sight of familiar faces. Gil, the engineer with a mischievous smile, gave him a thumbs-up, while Vetra, the no-nonsense Turian quartermaster, offered a reassuring nod. Liam, the ever-enthusiastic infiltrator, bounded over with his trademark energy, cracking a joke to lighten the mood. And there, standing at the periphery, was Reyes, the charming pilot and exile, his gaze filled with a mixture of curiosity and intrigue.

Scott knew that the road ahead would be fraught with challenges and unforeseen disasters. But as he looked at his newfound team, he felt a flicker of hope. Together, they would navigate the uncharted territories of the Andromeda galaxy, unravel its mysteries, and confront the Archon and his Kett forces. The Year of the Pathfinder had just begun, and Scott Ryder was ready to forge his own path, shape the future of Andromeda, and prove that he was worthy of the title bestowed upon him.

This is a summary of the story elements:

Title: Year of the Pathfinder: An Andromeda Retelling in the Mass Effect Universe
Protagonist: Scott Ryder, human N2 in the Alliance Marines, gets kicked out of military after his dad is discovered developing illegal AI in attempt to save Scott's mother from incurable disease. Has always felt dad, Alec, preferred twin sister, Sara, and reject Scott's homosexuality. On arrival in Andromeda Alec dies and his Pathfinder title passes to Scott to save his life
Location: Andromeda galaxy in 2818. The characters have just awoken from 600 years in cryosleep after traveling from the Milky Way. The story follows their various adventures as they acclimate to a new galaxy and the unexpected disasters that befall them.
Antagonist: Archon, leader of race called Kett, invaders in Andromeda who procreate by exalting other species, using genetic modification to turn others into themselves. They steal the "best" qualities of other species and use them to better themselves. Their ultimate goal is to wipe out all other life in the galaxy.
Love Interest: Gil Brodie, human male engineer of Pathfinder ship, jokester, poker ace, orphan, grew up on Earth, very sensitive and never had a serious relationship before
Reyes Vidal, human male pilot and exile, meets Scott on Kadara in Andromeda, suave, bad boy, sexy, from Chile on Earth, raised by gang on Omega, faked paperwork to get into Andromeda Initiative
Confidant: Vetra Nyx, no-nonsense, resourceful Turian, takes role as quartermaster on Pathfinder ship seriously. has dry sense of humor and teases Scott about choosing between Gil and Reyes--ultimate polycule. also fiercely protective of younger sister, Sidera, and has found unconventional but loving relationship with Reyes' two bodyguards, Deter and Septus.
Comic Relief: Liam Kosta, human male, infiltration specialist on Pathfinder ship, always has a ready quip and a knack for getting himself into trouble. He brings light-heartedness to the team, even in the face of danger, and has a particular affinity for explosive devices, much to the chagrin of his fellow crewmates.
Story So Far: In the year 2185, the Andromeda Initiative was launched from the Milky Way, with the goal of colonizing the Andromeda galaxy. Scott Ryder, a skilled N2 in the Alliance Marines, found himself thrust into a leadership position when his father, Alec, the original Pathfinder, died upon their arrival in Andromeda. Now, Scott must navigate the strange new galaxy, forge alliances, and confront the enigmatic Archon and his Kett forces, all while grappling with personal demons and discovering unexpected romance along the way. With the help of his loyal crew, including the charming engineer Gil Brodie, the suave pilot Reyes Vidal, and a fierce Turian quartermaster named Vetra Nyx, Scott Ryder embarks on a year-long journey of exploration, survival, and redemption, against a backdrop of unforeseen disasters and the looming threat of the Kett invasion. As Scott becomes the symbol of hope for the Andromeda Initiative, he must rise above his past failures, embrace his newfound abilities as Pathfinder, and lead his crew in a desperate battle to save both the colony and the future of all sentient life in the Andromeda galaxy. It is the Year of the Pathfinder, and Scott Ryder's journey has only just begun.
Conflict: Scott finds himself pitted against both fate and the unknown as he navigates the uncharted territories of the Andromeda galaxy. Fate throws him into the role of the Pathfinder, tasked with saving humanity and the other species from the Kett. Meanwhile, the unknown challenges him with unexpected disasters, mysteries, and secrets that await in this new galaxy. Scott must confront his own past, reconcile with his father's choices, and ultimately carve his own path in order to shape the future of Andromeda.
Outline: January 2818: Nexus (with Ryes, Gil, Vetra, and all Initiative leadership) arrives in Andromeda. Hits Scourge (massive unknown energy storm in space) and causes extensive damage to systems. After six months of failed exploration and repairs, security forces mutiny and Director of Security Sloane Kelly takes about 300 of the crew to Kadara (Reyes, Deter, Septus leave at this time but not with her, find Angara, a friendly alien species). Six months later Ark Hyperion arrives with Scott, et al aboard.
Language: English
Genre: Space Opera
Writing Style: Narrative - Tells a story through a series of events
Narrative Style: Alternating Person - The story switches between the perspectives of multiple characters
Author Style: Oscar Wilde: Satirical, Witty, and Aesthetic