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The Night of the Fires

Maggie arrives in Wells and meets with Jacob at a dingy diner where they reminisce about their shared past, exchanging stories of their hometown's dark secrets and unsolved mysteries. As they talk, they realize there may be more connections between them than either had previously thought, revealing hidden pieces of each other's lives and potentially altering their understanding of the events surrounding Mara's death.

As they continued to chat over coffee, Maggie couldn't help but feel a sense of nostalgia wash over her as they discussed their shared experiences growing up in Wells. Despite its many flaws and failings, there was something comforting about reconnecting with someone who understood the unique challenges of life in such a small, insular community. Jacob mentioned how he had always been fascinated by the town's dark side—the unexplained disappearances, rumors of Satanic rituals, and the general air of unease that seemed to hang over everything. It was this curiosity that led him to start his podcast, hoping to shed some light on these mysteries and bring closure to those affected.

Meanwhile, Maggie revealed that her decision to become a private investigator was partially fueled by her own personal experience with loss and tragedy. The unsolved murder of her high school classmate, Mara Whitman, had left a profound impact on her, driving her to seek justice for others like her. She recounted the details of the investigation, including the lack of evidence and suspicious behavior from key figures in the town. Although she hadn't grown up as poor as Jacob or faced the same religious scrutiny, she too felt the weight of living in a place where everyone knew your business and kept their secrets close to the chest.

Throughout their conversation, both detectives noticed subtle similarities in their approaches to solving crimes. Jacob's research into local folklore and mythology often provided clues that traditional law enforcement missed, while Maggie's outsider perspective allowed her to see patterns that locals might overlook. As they traded theories about Mara's disappearance, they began to suspect that there might be a connection between their respective interests and expertise. Could the supernatural elements woven throughout Wells' history hold the key to solving the mystery? Or were there darker, more human forces at play?

Determined to explore every lead, Maggie agrees to collaborate with Jacob on the case, using her skills as a private investigator and his knowledge of the town's lore to piece together the puzzling events surrounding Mara's death. They begin by visiting the abandoned church where she was last seen, following leads that suggest a twisted cult may have been involved in her disappearance.

As they left the diner, Maggie and Jacob drove towards the outskirts of town, heading towards the site of an old, abandoned church that had been the center of numerous ghost stories and urban legends since her childhood. The building loomed ominously ahead, its once majestic spire now crumbling and covered in vines, the stained glass windows shattered and boarded up. The air around it seemed heavy with an eerie silence, as if even nature itself was afraid to venture too close.

Jacob parked the car and they made their way towards the entrance, stepping carefully over fallen branches and overgrown weeds. Inside, the once grand sanctuary was now a haunted ruin, the pews broken and scattered, the altar overturned. Graffiti covered the walls, along with symbols that could have been interpreted as anything from satanic ritual markings to juvenile pranks. Maggie took photos and collected samples, hoping that something would provide a clue as to why Mara had been drawn here on the night of her disappearance.

They explored the basement, finding a series of tunnels leading deeper into the earth. According to local legend, these passageways were used by runaway slaves during the Civil War, but Jacob suspected they held a more sinister purpose. As they descended, the air became colder and damper, the sound of their footsteps echoing oddly in the darkness. Suddenly, Maggie stopped short, pointing to a section of wall where fresh paint had been applied over older marks. Upon closer inspection, she found what appeared to be a map, or perhaps a diagram of some sort, etched into the stone.

With flashlights illuminating the ancient symbols, they studied the drawing intently. It showed a series of interconnected circles and lines, each marked with numbers and letters. Some sections resembled pagan symbols, while others bore a striking resemblance to Christian iconography. Jacob suggested it might be a secret code used by a cult operating within the church, possibly connected to Mara's disappearance. As they traced their fingers over the grooves, they realized the diagram contained coordinates for various locations around town – including the spot where her body was discovered years ago.

Back outside, they compared notes and timelines, trying to connect the dots between the church, the cult, and the murder. Their collaboration brought forth new ideas and perspectives, pushing their investigation further than they ever could have alone. But as they stood in the gathering dusk, watching shadows dance across the graveyard surrounding the church, they knew their work had only begun. There was still so much they didn't understand, and time was running out to find answers before another victim fell prey to whatever malevolent force lurked in the heart of their hometown.

This is a summary of the story elements:

Title: The Night of the Fires
Protagonist: Maggie Easley, a 30 year old woman who grew up in poverty in the small, rural town of Wells. Thanks to a full academic scholarship, she was able to move to Lexington, KY. She's now a successful private investigator who owns her own small firm. She specializes in missing and murdered women,prioritizes her career, is single by choice and mostly content. She works diligently to distance herself from Wells, her family and her past. The murder of a classmate back in Wells when Maggie was 15 haunts her.
Location: Fictional town called Wells, in the state of Kentucky. The county seat, Wells has a long history of pervasive and almost blatant corruption, from the local patrol cops to the city council, Mayor's office and all town agencies.
Antagonist: Burke Bradford, a local youth pastor at a large and powerful Pentecostal church in Wells. Charismatic and almost handsome, he is popular with his congregation. Keeps to himself that he hasn't believed much of what he's been preaching to his flock. Also a sexual predator who occasionally targets a teen girl in the congregation. Deeply flawed and dangerous. He is also the murderer of A
Love Interest: Jacob Denman. Maggie's childhood friend, he's now a successful podcaster still based in Wells. His podcast covers assorted topics under a Southern Gothic umbrella, but primarily tales of true crime, true macabre and Appalachian folk culture.
Confidant: Kayla-Jane "KJ" Easley, Maggie's cousin. They share a birthday, though KJ is one year older. They are deeply devoted friends who have supported each other through tremendous and ongoing childhood trauma. KJ is the only person from Wells Maggie still has a relationship with in any capacity, and it is a testament to their deep, sisterly devotion.
Comic Relief: Frankie Case. Kayla-Jane's ex, they share two children an a history of off-and-on in their relationship. He's sarcastic and extraordinarily conceited, a fact he is not ashamed to admit. He and Maggie have a comfortable, teasing sibling dynamic, and are very close though they'd never admit it to each other.
Story So Far: Maggie Easley listens to a podcast created and hosted by an old friend in a town she's been desperately trying to forget. She has a deep and painful history with the podcast's host, Jacob Denman. She's a loyal, longtime listener just to hear his voice and his thoughts. One day, on a drive to interview a witness in a cold murder case she's investigating, she turns on the podcast to discover he's covering the murder of Mara Whitman, a classmate of theirs in 1995. She soon realizes she must return to Wells.
Conflict: Maggie must come to terms with not only the truth of her own past trauma, but also the truth about what happened the night Mara Whitman was murdered.
Outline: Maggie Easley is one of the best private detectives in Lexington, KY. From cheating spouses to cracking cold murder cases, she is determined and driven. Traveling to the
Language: English
Genre: Thriller
Writing Style: Descriptive - Rich, detailed, and imaginative language
Narrative Style: First Person
Author Style: Flannery O'Connor: Southern Gothic, Grotesque, and Moral Ambiguity