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Upcoming Features: Controlling Initial Prompts

What is the "Control Initial Prompt" feature?

The "Control Initial Prompt" feature is an upcoming functionality for Fiction Fusion where users can specifically control the initial prompt or starting point of their stories. This empowers users to give clear directions to the AI, ensuring the generated narratives align with their preferences and desired storylines.

How will the "Control Initial Prompt" feature improve my writing experience on Fiction Fusion?

The "Control Initial Prompt" feature will enable you to give the AI a more defined starting point for your story, guiding its narrative and creative flow. This feature helps create a more focused storyline right from the beginning, as the AI will follow the precise directions you provide.

When can I expect the "Control Initial Prompt" feature to be available?

The "Control Initial Prompt" release date has not been announced yet. Keep an eye on the Fiction Fusion website for updates and announcements.

Can all users access the "Control Initial Prompt" feature once released?

Once the "Control Initial Prompt" feature is released, it will be available only for users who have purchased the Novella and Novel packs. Make sure you have the right package to access this feature for a more enhanced writing experience.

Will the "Control Initial Prompt" feature affect my token usage?

The "Control Initial Prompt" functionality should not impact your token usage differently than regular AI-generated content. However, it is always essential to monitor your remaining tokens and be mindful of their usage to avoid exceeding your limits.