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Understanding Story Elements and Options

What are the required fields when creating a story in Fiction Fusion?

When creating a story, only the title and story_image are required fields, while the rest are optional.

What are the optional fields that can be filled in when setting up a story?

Optional fields include protagonist, location, antagonist, love interest, confidant, comic relief, story_so_far, genre, writing style, narrative style, author style, is private, and allow contributions.

Do I have to enter all the optional fields for my story?

No, you can choose to leave some or all of the optional fields blank. They are there to help you provide more detail and direction to the AI.

What happens if I allow contributions to my story?

If you set your story to allow contributions, any member of Fiction Fusion can continue writing your story. However, they will only be able to edit or delete the parts they contributed.

Can I choose any author or are there specific authors available to choose from?

Fiction Fusion provides a list of over 100 authors, but you can also enter any other author you like that is not on the list.

What genres are available for my story?

Fiction Fusion offers a wide variety of genres to choose from, catering to diverse interests and styles.

What writing styles can I select for my story?

Several writing styles are available, including Descriptive, Expository, Narrative, Persuasive, Argumentative, Stream Of Consciousness, Epistolary, Satirical, and Minimalist.

What narrative styles can I choose for my story?

Fiction Fusion offers various narrative styles, such as First Person, Second Person, Third Person Omniscient, Third-person Limited, Third-person Objective, Alternating Person, Framed Narrative, Epistolary Narrative, Nonlinear Narrative, and Unreliable Narrator.

Are there any restrictions on who can set their stories to private?

Only paid users of Novella and Novel packs can set their stories to private.

Can I use the AI to help me write my story elements?

Yes, all input fields when setting up the story have a button that allows the AI to write the whole field or build upon what you have already written.

Can I modify the story elements after I have started writing the story?

Yes, you can always revise and make changes to your story elements, which will help you refine the direction and details of your story.

Is there a limit to the number of characters I can use for each story element field?

There is no specific limit mentioned, but it is recommended to keep your inputs concise and focused to guide the AI effectively.

Can I change the author, genre, writing style, or narrative style after I have started writing my story?

Yes, you can change these elements even after beginning the writing process. This flexibility allows you to experiment with different styles and storyteller voices.

How do I know which writing style or narrative style will work best for my story?

It is up to your creative preferences and how you want to tell your story. You can always experiment with different styles to see which one resonates with your storytelling vision.

Can I collaborate on a story without setting it to allow contributions?

To enable collaboration, you must set your story mode to allow contributions. Otherwise, other members won't be able to add to your story.

What happens if I set my story as private?

Setting your story as private means it won't be visible to the public, accessible only by you. Keep in mind that this feature is available only for Novella and Novel pack users.

How do I select a story_image?

The story_image is generated using AI based on your prompt. When setting up your story, simply input your prompt, and the AI will generate an image based on the given information.

Can I change the story_image after creating the story?

Yes, you can change the story_image after the story has been created. You can update the image based on your evolving preferences or story direction.

Can I have multiple protagonists, antagonists, or other characters in my story?

Yes, you can include multiple protagonists, antagonists, and other characters in your story. Just make sure to provide clear and concise prompts to guide the AI effectively.

Can I change the language or dialect used in my story?

The available language and dialect options depend on the AI model's capabilities. Check the AI's language support to understand what language and dialect options are available to incorporate in your story.