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Token Expiration and Usage Limits

What are GPT-3.5 Tokens, and how are they used on Fiction Fusion?

GPT-3.5 Tokens are a form of virtual currency used on Fiction Fusion to access and utilize the AI writing capabilities of the platform. These tokens are used to generate story content through the AI and can be obtained via the different package options.

What are GPT-4 Tokens, and when can I use them?

GPT-4 Tokens are another form of virtual currency for the advanced GPT-4 AI writing model. They will be available for use once the GPT-4 model is integrated into the Fiction Fusion platform.

How many tokens do I receive as a new user?


How long do my tokens last before they expire?

The token expiration depends on the package you have purchased. Tokens in the Short Stories pack expire after three months, tokens in the Novella pack expire after six months, and tokens in the Novel pack expire after a year.

How are tokens consumed during the writing process?

Tokens are spent based on the number of words generated by the AI. Each word can cost between 5–10 tokens, depending on the length of the context.

Can I extend the validity of my tokens if I don't use them by the expiration date?

Unfortunately, tokens cannot be extended once they expire. It's essential to use your tokens within the specified time frame based on your selected package.

Can I purchase additional tokens separately from the packages?

Currently, tokens can only be obtained through the three available package options—Short Stories, Novella, and Novel packs.

How many pages can I write with my tokens?

Estimates of pages you can write with the tokens in each package are as follows: 70-140 pages for GPT-3.5 and 7-14 pages for GPT-4 with the Short Stories pack; 170-340 pages for GPT-3.5 and 17-34 pages for GPT-4 with the Novella pack; 800-1600 pages for GPT-3.5 and 80-160 pages for GPT-4 with the Novel pack. Note that one page is calculated as 300 words, and these are estimates that may vary.

Will my tokens automatically be deducted when I use the AI writing feature?

Yes, tokens are automatically deducted from your account balance when you use the AI writing features.

Is there a limit to how many tokens I can purchase or use in a given time?

There is no explicit limit on token usage or purchases. However, you must use your purchased tokens within the specified expiration period based on your package.

Can I check my token balance and usage history?

Yes, you can check your token balance and usage history in your account settings or profile page.

Can I use a combination of GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 tokens to write the same story?

Yes, you can utilize both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 tokens in the same story.