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Customizing Writer Profile Pages

How do I access my writer profile page on Fiction Fusion?

To access your writer profile page, log in to your account and click on your username. This will direct you to your profile page where you can view and manage your stories, background, and profile photo.

How can I change my profile photo?

To change your profile photo, navigate to your writer profile page and click on the default profile photo or your current photo. You can then upload a new image that meets the site's requirements for profile photos.

Can I customize the background of my writer profile page?

Yes, you can customize the background of your writer profile page by selecting thedesired images or colors. Navigate to your profile page and click on the "Customize Background" option to start customizing.

Are there any limitations or requirements for the images I use for my profile photo or background?

Images used for your profile photo or background should be clear, appropriate, and meet any size requirements specified by the site.

Can I customize the appearance of my story listings on my writer profile page?

The appearance of your story listings is automatically determined by the site, but you can choose which stories are displayed on your profile by setting their privacy settings.

How do I make my stories private or public on my writer profile page?

To change the privacy settings of your stories, go to the story settings and set the "is private" option accordingly. Note that only paid users (Novella and Novel pack subscribers) can set their stories to private.

Will other users be able to see my customized profile page?

Yes, other users will be able to view your customized writer profile page, including your public stories, profile photo, and background.

How can I view other users' writer profile pages?

To view other users' writer profile pages, click on their username while browsing the library or reading their public stories.

Can I customize the URL of my writer profile page?

Currently, customizing the URL of your writer profile page is not supported. Your profile URL is generated based on your username.

Can I edit my bio or add additional information to my writer profile page?

Yes, Fiction Fusion does support adding a bio or other personal information to writer profile pages. The focus is on showcasing your public stories and customization options for your profile photo and background.